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Sunday, June 01, 2008 '
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I will not delete this blog . I just will not update here anymore. I am too lazy to delete and change anything.

Today I wake up at 2 plus. I seriously tired although ytd I had afternoon nap and slp at 12. I think I am not fated to slp lor. When I am awake nobody want msg me. Once I am in my deep nice sleep, Msg come in tons and my hp was like ringing non-stop. sians. Last week slp not well . I trying to slp more this week. I am still tired. I am rotting at home. Online but didn't do anything. I wanted to change blogskins. maybe I shall change other webbie to blog . blogger is so suck and I cannot lock certain posts . nth to blog. blogskins.com is having maintence . I have to wait. sians.

Saturday, May 31, 2008 '
I am very tired now and I am going to slp soon. I can't log on my internet suddenly. lols.Today I need to be in sch by 8am. at 7.40 I am still at bus stop. I was like oh shit . I cannot late cos I got test. I took a cab. It cost me $9 plus. Go in liao do phrase test. Okies wad. where got difficult I can do . they bluff ppl de lor. then break go ate lor mee and back fer lecture . Mr Suen said mostly pass. In lecture I was online msn. Terence was happily talking to me until I told him I having lesson leh. He then said sorry . lols. I already put I am in class. He very honest sia. I totally forget he owe me $13. He said he will return me. He ask me go bbq. I was like dun wan. I dun feel like going. I said see first larhs. After sch , went home. I went to play maple and awhile later I went to slp. I ard 7pm then wake up. Eat liao watch bian zou qu last episode. Then proceed to watch the si chuan show. Yanzi and leehom their sing shou qian shou. I wasn't doing anything now and I wanted to slp early today. I having headaches.

Thursday, May 29, 2008 '
I think I have not been myself recently. I don't know. I am been so slack. I really wonder have I wake up or in a dream. Can someone just knock some sense into me. I am feeling weird. I don't know wad I have been doing. In 2 weeks, I never been school fer 4 days. I am asking myself what is going on. I cannot go on like this. no life at all. I jus wish I have wake up. I am feeling ridiculous. Now in my mind , I see this ???????????? . I have to tell myself O Lvl is coming and I have to study hard .

Today I been doing nth the whole day. ben call me in the afternoon to ask me out fer lunch at whitesands. I went to the popular and browsing novel. I bought 2 novels. The kite runner and A thousand spendid suns . 2 novel are by Khaled Hosseini. Actually john grisham novel are good but I already buy 2 le. Popular having 20% off . I did like reading since young but in sec sch , I started to gaming and alwaes can't find time to read. Few mths ago , I bought a book and read halfway and now the book lost. I can't find it. I went home at 4pm then go out with mum 4 plus. We went dinner at 8 pm at bedok and came home to watch bian zou qu. tmr last episode le. This drama is nice. Finally mdc got nice drama . Tmr got phrase test, I think I have to slp . test cannot late de.

The Newpaper called yanzi POSTMAN SUN. LOL~

hmm . okies. this morning , kenneth morning call me at 6.30am. lols. I was tell okies. then i fell back to slp and wake up at 6.45 . sch start at 8am I was late fer 30mins. I hope I will not be late on fri.I got test cannot late. lecture was bored. then break we went to eat . then was PE. Teacher very cruel . LOL. Make us run 2 round ard the sch stadium under the hot sun. I was like Oh shit. I am super unfit after gaining weight and I have not done any exercise fer so long. I walk larhs. I was the last 2 who reach . lols. then we have to do some teamwork. it took one hours. after school , went home. online also nth to do. sians. tmr I got something on and can't go filming . sry ben , I got things on. ben ask me tagg him lor. lols. ytd I was jus telling joanne I will be coming on thursday and end up not going . lols. ben got sch and he can't go. the prob now is . I tell my mum i got no sch tmr. now I wanted to go but can't possible to tell my mum there is sch tmr. shit sia. lols. nth to update anyway. talking to xiao mei. lols. I say she bully and she say is I bully her. lols. wad a joke . hahaha. I am so tired.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 '
Hmmm today wake up at 5am and thought of backing up at first but I didn't . I went to change and took bus 109 to hougang to meet benjamin .I wasn't feeling that well. I was vomiting at first then LS. We took a cab to mediacorp radio gate. We went to take our passes and proceed to wardrobe. We took the clothes we needed. We went to explorer ard using the pass. We went to the canteen fer breakfast then we went to receptionist fer cleaner toilet. It hard to find toilet in there . Then it was time to proceed. We went up to bus and proceed to sentosa fer the filming. The show name is called 球爱大战. Starring Joanne Peh , Jesseca Liu,Jade seah , Christopher Lee and Dawn Yeoh. We reach sentosa and at 8 plus and prepare . We are just the audience but the sun very hot. I got sun burnt badly.In 1 scene, It actually took hours. Lunch was jus a mixed veg rice provided by them . It rain alot. after lunch and back to filming.the director keep calling dawn ah don. Christopher Lee was disiao her fer not being able to shoot the ball well. alot funny scence. dawn accidentally got hit on the face by the ball. jesseca quickly ask her is she alright. she was sitting on the floor while christopher call her stupid and say u no leg dunno how to move meh. joanne fell once and fall flat on the sand. her face all kena sand. lols. we film till 6pm then finish. then we went to the artistes there. We ask Jade to take picture and yeah she said okies. she is nice .she was very english type. We speak english wid her. we say thanks and she say nicely its okies. She is 2006 Ms singapore universe 1st runner up. We didn't speak much. Here the picture :
me and Jade.
She pretty right.
Then we went to talk to jesseca . She was very nice and pretty . they are all so tanned. Jesseca was laughing at me when I say wah from tv and now really very diif cos jesseca quite tall . We just took picture with her cos she talking to her fan . here the picture:

jesseca and me.
she is so nice.
Then we asked jesseca where is joanne .then I said 谢谢 to her and she say 不客气 politely in a very nice manner She said dunno and we saw her near the carpack. We went to talk to joanne. She is relly very nice. She speak alot with us. She was asking tmr whether we coming , I said no having sch. I coming on thursday de. She said thursday no school ar. I say I will pon sch. She diao me.then she said how come you all not tanned de while i so tanned. I say got lor. already sun burn. she said we must be very white be4 that. LOL!She took picture with us and she hurry off to the toilet cos she said she urgent. Before She left , she ask us hurry go find umbrella from our friend to avoid rain. She very good larhs. She bid us goodbyes and I say 谢谢 twice to her. one yr ago the newspaper put she 大牌. where got . They no 大牌 at all. they are very nice to us. here the picture with joanne . abit unclear cos raining she was holding an umbrella and shielded me abit. joanna was in 2002 ms singapore universe . she got the new look award or wad . I can't remember .

joanne and me
joanne is very nice to us.Her smile very nice.
jade , jesseca and joanne put their across my shoulder. jade bend abit to accomodate my height. lols. joanne very tall. She was also laughing at me when I said how I wish I can be as tall as joanne.We got no chance to take pic with dawn and christopher cos dunno where they go. then I we went back mediacorp return thing and pass and get back ic. then I took bus 52 to bishan and wait fer mum to fetch me fer dinner. after dinner came home watch bian zou qu. saw jesseca on tv. lols. jesseca look good in short hair.dawn real person and tv look different. dawn very pretty and sweet .Today I saw alot artistes. I saw Chew chor ming, aileen tan , Chen liping ,ya wen long and more of them in mdc. I enjoy the day although is so tiring. okies I go to slp now. 7 princess , I already take pic with joanne and jesseca. I want to take pic with rui en most.

Monday, May 26, 2008 '
Hmm . today went to school. Morning having network lesson. teacher going through practical fer test. I was pay attention to Mr Suen. I still abit blurr about it. Hopefully I can pass. then after lunch break got RCT lesson. This lesson is the one I dun like most but still gotta learn. I was using ebuddy to login msn . I chat with alot ppl. lols. sch finish at 6pm . Tmr they got test while my is friday so tmr no school . yay I not going to PIE lesson. lifestyle lesson are bored. tmr I had to wake up at 5am and reach mdc at 7am. I have to meet ben at 6.20am. I will damn tired. tmr another long working day.I am going to slp. if not I can't wake up tmr. I go pack my stuff first.

haha. I am suppose to slp by now. but having insomnia. I can't slp at all. Let me analyse jus now the charity show since I am free now. The starting was a song sung by JJ and one guy. The song quite nice larhs.the show alot adverstisement. The funny thing is the huang shi nan sons, quan yi feng daughter , hong hui fang daughter and son and ivy lee daughter sing tong hua . lols. huang shi nan sons totally is screaming rather than singing but is a nice show. that got huang zi qian team sing with wu jia hui with the song call xiao yu shan . then got some artistes singing. poem part is touching larhs. then got mavis hee , rui en , deng miao hua and kelly sing cheng li de yue guang. lols. It was a nice song. The camera focus alot on rui en . I notice rui en sing alwaes close her eyes de. why she dun open her eyes sia. but rui en rawks . haha. She look good in long hair now but I think she short hair nicer. lols. then got some more song and poems. It also show some scenes of the earthquake. The last part is whole grp of artistes standing together and sing. wow today show was great.

Seriously I am tired but I can't seem to slp . I wish I dun overslept tmr again . shit.

Today wake up at 8 plus. I met ben at houganga at 9 plus and we went to yio chu kang mrt station to take train to orchard . He go fer audition fer teenage icon. lols. he last min change song. He sang yanzi - kai shi dong le. lol. He got a pink form . mean is under consideration. lols. by the times it done was 12 plus. We went to wistma. but food court too many ppl. Then we took mrt to newton. he bring walk wrg way and we took a cab to his music sch. by the time it reach already 2pm. we go there do nth . We went newton hawker centre fer lunch and we took cab back to hougang and took bus back to pasir ris. at night watch the charity show. I wanted to donate but keep can't call thru. shit sia. I go donate thru axs machine then. I think this was a very successful show. no dangerous stunt . It was jus songs and reciting poems. It even raise more than previous charity show. some scenes they shows are saddening. I think we are living a very safe place. i think we should learn to cherish our life , family and friends. life is short. okies tmr got school. slping soon. it already 12 plus .

Saturday, May 24, 2008 '
Okies. Today wake up at 1 pm. I met with siyin and kenneth at 2 plus. I was late larhs cos I can't find my ezlink card and flared up at home. I am too tired and very no mood. We went bugis and have lunch at mos burger. then BK called me to go K at hougang green. It was so last min and I had to ps kenneth. So me and siyin went to take Mrt to yio chu kang . We took cab from there cos we duno where the bus 72. We go liao and met up with BK. Seriously today I dun really feel like singing . lols. the first song I choose was amei ren zhi and wo yao kuai le. I didn't choose much . abit of angela ,gary and yanzi song. about 7 pm, we went hougang mall but can't find any place to sit fer dinner and eventually we took bus 89 back to pasir ris. I bought donuts fer dinner . lols. I dun feel like eating anything. I went home and My aunt and uncle and cousin was at my house. I went online and didn't do anything. Tmr I had to wake up at 8 am . I meeting BK at 9.30am at hougang and accompany him fer his teenage icon audition at cineleisure. I duno wad to do now. lols.

Artist: {伍家辉}
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空缺Empty Space - 伍家辉Wu Jia Hui

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